Plus is the competitively-priced Umbrella service preferred by both Contractors and Agencies. A champion for both Contractors and Agencies, Plus delivers everything expected of an Umbrella at a fraction of the cost. Full employment rights, a complete suite of insurances, and access to a dedicated employee portal using cutting-edge technology leaves Contractors free to concentrate on what they do best. At Plus compliance is king, so Agencies can be safe in the knowledge that all data is protected and confidentiality maintained.

Our Service

Plus delivers a traditional Umbrella employment solution for contractors and an outsourced employment management service for their agencies.

Contractors are fully employed on a contract of employment, which provides continuity and stability through any series of assignments as well as full employment rights and dedicated HR support. All income is paid as employment income and PAYE and NICs are deducted at source.

Online portals and a sophisticated suite of processing technologies ensure contractors and agencies can easily submit timesheet data with invoicing and payroll processed daily.

Automation and an international infrastructure deliver all this at a fraction of the cost of a traditional Umbrella.

Plus for Contractors

Optimum Take-Home Pay

Competitively priced so you have the highest possible take home pay

Full Employment Rights

Focus on your assignments safe in the knowledge that you are fully employed

Professional Compliance

Employer’s Liability, Public Liability and Professional Indemnity

Faster Payments, Hassle-Free Invoicing

Supported by the UK’s largest contractor payroll provider

Plus for Agencies

Fully Employed Workforce

No HR or status issues, no impact from self-employment legislation

Fully Compliant Workforce

No transfer of debt, no legislative issues and therefore peace of mind

Future Proof Solution

No need to change providers every time legislation changes

Better Paid Workforce

Contractors taking home the highest possible pay means better retention and performance