Here at Plus we are always looking to improve the service you receive and the value we deliver.

Contractor Benefits

Before the end of January, Plus will be powered by Flexr, an employment management platform that will redefine the landscape for Umbrella employees. 

Flexr combines humanity and technology through a dedicated call centre

A call centre support to assist with any HR or payroll enquiries you may have

A user friendly smartphone App that provides

  • Full visibility of all your timesheet and employment records
  • A simple tool to manage booking holidays
  • Your own ‘personal assistant’ for any work related matters

A dedicated employee portal with all the functionality of the smartphone App and more!

All these additional benefits, coupled with additional costs we now have at Plus, such as employee pensions, apprenticeship levy and increased insurance costs mean that as of 1st February 2019 we will be making a small increase to our weekly margin. At £15.00 we will still be one of the cheapest Umbrellas in the marketplace but we will be delivering so much more than anyone else!

Umbrella Benefits

Sales / Account Management
Focus more time and resource on growing your business
Initial engagement of employees
Timesheet Collection & Upload
Recover directly from the Agency/employee
Invoice Distribution
Download from Flexr to distribute to your clients
Submit Payment Files
Download from Flexr and import into your payment software
Escalation For Customer Services/HR Queries
The majority of calls will have already been dealt with by Flexr
Business Wins
  • Headcount reduction
  • No capital investment
  • No maintenance
  • Less work
  • Less admin
  • No SMS charges
  • Less hassle
  • Improved service
  • Better attraction
  • Better retention
  • Significant overhead reduction
  • Free advertising
  • App
  • Portal
  • 24/7 call centre
  • A major point of difference
  • A better service to sell
  • Scalability
  • Resilience
  • Infrastructure enhancement
  • Compliance
  • Visibility
  • Control
  • Profit