New legislation expected which affects all agency and gig workers

New legislation expected which affects all agency and gig workers

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In June 2019 the European Council agreed upon the Directive on Transparent and Predictable Working Conditions (the “Directive”). The Directive is designed to improve working conditions for all agency and gig workers across the European Union by increasing the level of transparency and predictability in working arrangements.


How will this affect the UK?

Directives do not automatically become law in EU member states. Instead, member states are granted a “grace period” during which they must implement necessary measures to achieve the directives desired result.

Though we’re set to leave the European Union later this year, at which time directives will no longer apply to us, a large portion of the Directive is likely to be transposed into law in the UK as it mirrors the suggestions made in Matthew Taylor’s Good Work Plan.


What does the directive require?

A large portion of the directive focuses on ensuring that workers are engaged under clear and transparent terms. In the UK we already have significant legislation attributing to this, so this won’t result in any ground-breaking changes.

However, the following points of the directive could result in significant changes to the way recruitment agencies and businesses operate.




Recruitment agencies should begin looking into the changes now to establish how their business will be affected. You can seek further advice from a specialist law firm or business advisory service.

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