Recruitment Agencies and Brexit

Recruitment Agencies and Brexit

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Brexit is almost upon us and much is still uncertain.

1 in 3 businesses surveyed by a global provider of HR services said that they don’t have or don’t know if they have the skills in HR and payroll to adapt to the changes Brexit will bring.

39% of businesses in the same survey said that they think Brexit will impact negatively on their HR and payroll department.

HR and payroll are the few departments that businesses just can’t afford to get wrong as it can result in major repercussions financially and reputationally.  If your recruitment agency manages HR and payroll in house and falls into one of the above categories,  there are a couple of options you can consider.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3


None of those will work for me. I’ve not got unlimited time and I can’t afford to train staff over and over!

There is another way which is cost-effective and helps to future proof your recruitment agency.

By referring your workers to Plus Payroll Services you don’t need to undergo any Brexit planning for HR and payroll of your temporary workers. We will take care of the onboarding and payments for your temporary workers, and you can be sure that our operations are compliant as we appear on Professional Passport’s list of approved providers.

Interested? Want to learn more? You can read all about Plus on our website,, or you can call us and speak to someone in our helpful Customer Services team on (0)3333 110 222.


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