Reduce the Paperwork That Drives Staff Mad

Reduce the Paperwork That Drives Staff Mad

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A study by Bilendi- a leader in market research- found that nearly eight in ten (78%) employees were frustrated by the mismanagement of forms and other paperwork required to do their job.

Among the specific annoyances was having to chase others to sign and return paperwork (42%), employees holding on to paperwork (31%), and paperwork getting lost (24%).

By removing the administrative tasks which are frustrating staff, you can very easily and very quickly improve service efficiency.

The Digital Solution

Recruitment agencies have huge amounts of paperwork and “form filling” to complete in respect of umbrella workers including onboarding, collecting timesheets, and dealing with payment issues. By digitising this process, imagine how much time you could save!

Plus Payroll Services is an umbrella company powered by Flexr. Flexr is the game-changing employment management platform that combines technology with a 24/7 human call centre to provide a complete HR and payroll solution. Through Flexr, umbrella workers are onboarded, can view their payslips and payments, and manage their employment documents all in one place.

Add Plus to your PSL

By adding Plus to your PSL you can simplify all of the paperwork involved in placing an umbrella worker and move on quickly to making your next placement.  You’ll also be engaging with a Professional Passport approved umbrella so you can be certain that all of our policies and procedures are HMRC-compliant.

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